Click HERE to watch the 454th distributing all of your contributions. *slideshow created by Sgt. Amanda Sliker, Tikrit, Iraq*

*UPDATE May 23, 2004*

We were able to collect over $125 to purchase supplies as well as 2 boxes of donated supplies! Thank you to everyone who donated supplies and money. We are shipping these off to Iraq, Monday the 24th of May. They should arrive by Mid-June. Thank you again! TOGETHER WE DID IT!! Check out the "pile-O-supplies" below.

Join DownTown Fitness on Elm, Jon Black's cousin Sgt. Amanda Sliker and her division the 454th Transportation Division US Army (stationed at Tikrit, Iraq) gather together miscellaneous school supplies (glue, pencils, crayons, pens, paper, notebooks, etc) to distribute to the new local schools and school children in Tikrit. Help us make a difference, together we can do it.

Talk to your trainer to make a small cash donation or drop your supplies in the box by the cooler. All cash will be used to purchase supplies from Office Depot this Friday the 21st. They will be mailed off this weekend the 22nd.

Email Jon Black with any questions or call 336-275-6456. Thank you again for all your help.