Services offered at DownTown Fitness on Elm:
All College Degreed and Degree Candidate (Senior Year) Team of Personal Trainers

One-on-One Personal Training

Goal Oriented Fitness Programs
Sports Specific Training Programs
Weight Management Programs
No Contracts

. Monthly Sports Injury Clinic - Provided by Emerge Ortho fo the Triad (formally Greensboro Orthopaedics) - Call for More Information
In Home Training Programs available by request, supervised and unsupervised

We also provide a host of services specifically for Universities and Colleges. Click HERE for details.

These are the basic services offered by the team at DownTown Fitness on Elm. We are more then capable of tailoring your individual program to meet your particular physical, sport, weight, ambulatory or health needs. Feel free to contact us for more details to get your program started or with any questions about the services listed you may have.

Pricing Information:

All sessions are billed on a month-to-month basis. There are no contracts to sign. The only thing keeping you at the gym with your trainer is the level of his/her service and your results.

Average rates per session are as follows:

$39.50 - $42.50 per thirty minute workout

$54.50 - $57.50 per forty-five minute workout

$69.50 - $72.50 per sixty minute workout

A sample schedule for clientele is Tuesday and Thursday for a half-hour workout and Monday, Wednesday and Friday cardiovascular exercise. The two workouts are supervised and your cardiovascular exercise is done independently but monitored by your trainer for proper intensity and duration.

These numbers WILL VARY depending on the trainer, rate schedule you work out and number of sessions monthly. Why that much money you ask? Check the "Why Personal Training?" section for details on the benefit and merit of supervised, professional personal training.

These fees, billed prior to services rendered, in addition to a $10 facilities fee, constitute your monthly "dues". Package purchases are also offered, check with your individual trainer for details and specials.

These fees cover and include the private sessions with your trainer, continual fitness evaluations and bodyfat analysis, cardiovascular equipment use, abdominal machine and stretching area use at anytime the facility is open. Full shower and locker facilities are also at your disposal, with towel service and needed amenities, to get you out the door and looking good after your workout.

**All contracted trainers at Downtown Fitness on Elm are Independent Contractors, therefore, prices may vary and are subject to change without notice.**

We look forward to helping you meet your health and fitness goals!

See you in the Gym!